Johnson County Education Research Triangle Five Year Report

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 @ 6:48AM

On April 23, 2014 we had the opportunity to celebrate and reflect on the promises and accomplishments of the Johnson County Education Research Triangle (JCERT).  Below is a report to the community on the first five years.


To the citizens of Johnson County

It is with great pleasure and gratitude we present to you this report on the first five years of the Johnson County Education Research Triangle.

While the Triangle proudly celebrates this anniversary, the concept has deep roots in the positive and hopeful culture of Johnson County. Like the visionaries who started the county’s library system and community college in the middle of the last century, academic and civic leaders foresaw great economic opportunity in public funding for higher education focused on bioscience and technology.

We thank the Kansas lawmakers who enacted the 2007 law that allowed you, the voters, to support a 1/8th cent sales tax as an investment in the future of this county. As a result, Johnson County embarked upon a unique partnership between The University of Kansas and Kansas State University to bring academic, research and business development initiatives to our economy.

Together, the schools invested $72 million of Triangle tax funds to build or renovate 265,400 square feet of space, providing construction jobs and capital investment during the recession while creating new, local places for leading educational, business development, research and healthcare activity.

As the Triangle continues to receive nearly $15 million annually to support programs and these facilities, its institutions also are able to unlock millions of dollars more in private and public funds and research grants. We remain firmly committed to the long-range vision of $1.4 billion in economic county impact in this generation.

We also are committed to our purpose of attracting and retaining a talented workforce that will foster expansion in our business community. The Triangle will help Johnson County provide a healthy and prosperous economy, as well as intellectual and cultural activity that maintains, protects and enhances community values.

We are grateful to the citizens and elected leaders of Johnson County. We invite you to stay abreast of the Triangle’s progress at We pledge our best efforts to meet and exceed your expectations.


Ed Eilert – Chairman
Johnson County Education Research Triangle Authority


To read the entire report, go to

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