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Monday, July 21st, 2014 @ 4:30PM

None of us can see accurately into the future—but I am very optimistic for the future of Johnson County.  Recent economic data from the County Economic Research Institute show the following as of July 2014.


  • Johnson County Unemployment rate = 4.3%
    KC Metro=6.2%    US=6.1%  Kansas= 4.7
  • Retail sales exceed $1 billion
  • Johnson County homes sold by realtors in May exceed 1,000
  • Consumer confidence – 87.6%,  highest since 2008
  • About 60% of the new jobs created in Kansas in 2013 were right here in Johnson County

Those numbers are a quick snapshot of the strength of our local economy.  It is important that Johnson County government continue to work with and support our cities, which do most of the economic development and job creation in the county.  Our economic success is necessary to maintain and enhance the important community assets we cherish.


  • Our schools  —  Education must continue to be priority one for out county.  K-12 , Johnson County Community College and our university programs
  • Public Safety
  • Library System
  • Johnson County Parks & Recreation programs
  • Programs for our special needs population and a growing aging community.


I have served as the Johnson County Commission Chair since January of 2011.  I am asking for your support and vote for a second four year term.  My record is one of productive, successful years of public service in local government.  I have led or participated with community based economic development groups that have brought or grown successful companies and job growth to Johnson County.  The more than 40 years of business experience as a financial advisor, as a board member of a community bank and a board member of a trust company have guided my government management decisions.  My promise for the next four years is a continued commitment to excellence in local government and a commitment to building a community of opportunity, a community which will continue to be known as a great place to live, work and raise a family.   Ed Eilert, Johnson County Commission Chair

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