Ribbon Cutting for CNG Station

Monday, July 2nd, 2018 @ 12:42PM

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We are pleased to see this joint project between Johnson County and the city of Olathe reach completion and begin service.  Compressed Natural Gas –CNG- is used by both entities and this facility will allow other vehicles to be serviced.  Johnson County Transit buses will be fueled from this facility and it will serve as a backup against risk of a shutdown of other smaller facilities at Johnson County public works and the Nelson wastewater plant.

In 2017, the county saved more than 40 thousand dollars by using CNG in vehicles compared to the cost of diesel fuel.  CNG produces 20 to 30 percent less greenhouse gas emissions and 95 percent less tailpipe emissions than petroleum products.  CNG is domestically produced and the market is historically more stable than gasoline and diesel fuels.

CNG is a significant component of the county’s fleet management strategy.  We have also incorporated flex fuels and hybrid vehicles to our fleet.  33 percent of our light vehicles, 23 percent of our medium vehicles and 7 percent of our heavy duty units are classified as alternative fuel vehicles.  We continue to add more CNG vehicles to our fleet with the primary growth being in CNG buses.


A special thank you to the Olathe and County staff in coordinating and directing this project and bring together the stakeholders who have made the project possible

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