Dr. Liz Musil

I’ve watched Ed Eilert for years and know him as a compassionate leader who cares about doing what is right

-Dr. Liz Musil

- Dr. Liz Musil -

Dick Bond

Ed Eilert is Johnson County’s greatest asset!
Ed Eilert’s agenda is to make Johnson County the best it can be!
Johnson County is fortunate to have Ed Eilert serve as our Chairman.
A vote for Ed Eilert is a vote to continue excellence in Johnson County.

-Dick Bond, Former Kansas Senate President

- Dick Bond -

Carl Gerlach

Johnson County has become nationally recognized for it’s quality of life.  That has happened because the county and city governments have worked closely together sharing but not duplicating services.  Ed’s experience at both city and county governments enhances that working relationship

-Mayor Carl Gerlach, Overland Park, KS

- Mayor Carl Gerlach -

Bob Regnier

Ed Eilert has been a consistent leader in Johnson County for nearly 30 years.  His analytical common sense approach is reflective of his Johnson County constituent base.

Bob Regnier
Bank of Blue Valley

- Bob Regnier -

Shirley Allenbrand

I sleep better at nights knowing we have someone as our chair whom has a strong background. In finances, Ed has proven his abilities in making hard decisions  to make our community a better place to live. It’s time to have people in office that have the back ground and experience.

Shirley Allenbrand, Ad Astra Design – LandPlan Engr

- Shirley Allenbrand -

Brandon Kenig

Johnson County is the economic engine of Kansas City not by accident, but due to the sound leadership of Chairman Ed Eilert. Ed brings managerial expertise and business acumen to the job of running the most populous county in the KC metro area. He’s seasoned, tough, and forward-thinking with the visionary leadership to ensure we maintain a high quality of life and continue to attract new residents and businesses for years to come. I am proud to support Ed Eilert in his re-election as County Chair.

– Brandon Kenig Chairman – Kansas Young Republicans, Former City Councilman – City of Shawnee

- Brandon Kenig -

Justin Nichols

My answer is simple:

I am supporting Ed Eilert for County Chairman because his years of experience in successfully leading communities and attracting businesses to Johnson County is what we need right now.  As we look at an evolving future for Kansas and the Kansas City Metro region, our county needs strong leadership at the top to continue to be the community of choice for professionals and businesses.  Ed can and will provide the leadership necessary to insure that we successfully transition into a new era of growth in Johnson County, as he has in the past. Combined with his strong political acumen and ability to maintain a budget at the county level, supporting Ed is an easy choice.

Justin Nichols is a partner with Lathrop Gage and the immediate Past Chairman of the Shawnee Chamber of Commerce

Suzie Gibbs

I support Ed Eilert  –  when I have a question/concern/problem and I
contact Ed, he responds immediately either with an answer or  looks
into the situation and resolves the problem.  This is leadership!

Suzie Gibbs – Council Person, Ward 4, Mission, KS

Mike Brown

Ed Eilert has been the best thing to happen to my wonderful Johnson County, KS in decades. His leadership steadfast, his presence is calming and his vision is limitless. Understanding the delicate balance between fiscal responsibility and maintaining and growing this great place requires the leadership of a seasoned County Chairman. Mr. Eilert has been, and will continue to be, my guy.

-Mike Brown, Brown Midwest

Kimberly Winter Stern

If you had to choose just one crystal-clear voice that’s championed Johnson County and Overland Park over the decades, it would probably be Ed Eilert. Serving the community in various capacities for 28 years—City Councilman, Mayor, Fourth District Commissioner—Eilert is passionate about what the area offers to residents and businesses. He’s regarded as an enthusiastic forward-thinker and a constant polisher of the jewel that is Johnson County. His reputation is one of a thoughtful leader, a conscientious listener to the citizens’ collective voice and a steward of community resources.

Kimberly Winter Stern – This article appears in the July 2012 issue of 435 Magazine