How can I register to vote?

For information on registering to vote in Johnson County, go to:  http://www.jocoelection.org/voters/voterregistration.htm

You may register to vote at any time. However, voter registration always closes 21 days prior to an Election Day. Applications must be postmarked no later than the 21st day prior to any election to be eligible to vote.

How do I request an advance ballot?

To vote by mail, complete an Application for an Advance Voting Ballot by Mail and fax to (913) 791-8931, (913) 791-8932 or (913) 791-8933, or mail to Johnson County Election Office, 2101 E. Kansas City Road, Olathe, KS 66061. A separate application must be submitted for each election unless the voter qualifies for permanently sick/disabled status.

For more information, go to the Johnson County Election website: http://www.jocoelection.org/voters/AdvanceVoting.htm#2

Key Election Dates

July 16
Advance voting by mail begins – 20 days prior to Election Day
KSA 25-1123(a) 

July 21
Advance voting in person begins

August 4
Advance voting in person closes (12 noon)     KSA 25-1122(f)
Filing deadline for Independent nominations (12 noon)    KSA 25-305(b)
Filing deadline for District Court Judges Retention of Judges (12 noon)    KSA 20-2908 

August 5
First Tuesday in August in even numbered years    KSA 25-203, KSA 25-2502(b) 

October 14
Registration books close – last day to register     KSA 25-2311(a)(3)

October 15
Advance voting by mail begins – 20 days prior to Election Day KSA 25-1123(a)

October 20
Advance voting in person begins

November 3
Advance voting in person closes (12 noon)     KSA 25-1122(f) 

November 4

Tuesday after the first Monday in November in even numbered years
KSA 25-101, KSA 25-2502(a)

What are Ed’s Priorities?

As Chairman of the Johnson County Commission my priorities will continue to be:

PUBLIC SAFETY – Sheriff’s Department, Med-Act Services and Fire District responsibilities are basic needs that must be properly funded.

EDUCATION – The cornerstone of our county’s success has been the quality of our K-12 and higher education opportunities-our collective future is closely tied to their continued success and all leaders in Johnson County should help ensure that success.

JOB CREATION – Economic growth is a key to future success in building a community of opportunity. County government must continue to work with and support our cities in making sure the necessary infrastructure is in place to support their economic development activities. These activities will provide the appropriate tax revenues to maintain a high quality of life for all of our citizens.

LIBRARIES AND PARKS- Both are important community assets which contribute significantly to our quality of life. Maintaining and improving these quality community amenities is very important.

SERVICES FOR SPECIAL NEEDS AND AGING POPULATIONS – Providing needed services for these special populations will require not only continued local support but cooperation from state and federal programming.

RESPONSIBLE, DISCIPLINED FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS – My continued commitment is to the effective, efficient management of county government and your tax dollars.

What are the County Commission responsibilities?

There are two broad areas of responsibilities:

1. County activities that are mandated by the state of Kansas such as: department of motor vehicles, election office, public health and mental health agencies, courts, treasurer’s office, appraisers office, community corrections and Juvenile justice programs to name a few.  Each year the county spends more than $125 million local tax dollars supporting the state mandated functions.

2. Local services like Med-Act, parks & recreation programs, libraries, public works, public transit, historic museum, waste water services, New Century and Johnson County Executive airports and more.  The 2015 proposed county budget is approximately  $695 million (excluding reserves).  Of that amount Johnson County Wastewater System represents about $150 million; the wastewater system does not receive property tax support but is a fee based system.

The Johnson County Commission, working through the county manager has oversight and budget responsibilities for all county activities..

When is the election?

Primary Election – August 5, 2014
General Election – November 4, 2014

For more information, go to: http://www.jocoelection.org/calendars/Calendar2014.htm